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Sunbeach Temporary Website

August 3rd 2-14

We are working to sort out a blacklisting issue with our server. Another of our dormant user accounts was used to send out spam. We quickly identified and disabled the account but unfortunately one of the spam messages  ended up in a spam trap (Honey Pot) It is proving difficult to get the address delisted. As previously advised, most of the issues the server is facing are due to outbound traffic. We still advise users to set up a Gmail account as a backup Gmail setup. Google gives easy information on using this account as the default outgoing SMTP server for most desktop email clients or you can look here Desktop email client setup.

July 10th 2014

We experienced a server outage caused by the server runnung out of disk space. This is an ongoing problem as we have thousands of dormant e-mail accounts that are no longer checked and who's mailboxes continue to fill with spam. We are periodically removing users with full mailboxes to free space. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are experiencing a problem please go to email help and fill out the form which will alert me of your issue.

April 29 2014

Recent Email outage.

Our hosting providers have discontinued their outbound spam filtering product which resulted in our repeatedly exceeding our daily quota of outbound emails. We have implemented other means to try to reduce outbound spam and have also added an email help page so that you can email in for assistance if you are experiencing an ongoing problem  the link here email help

For information on setting up a new Gmail account or configuring an existing address to receive and send your SunBeach email click here Gmail Setup


May 31, 2013

Dear Valued Customers,


As you may be aware, Sunbeach has began a restructuring phase in order to ensure the long term viability of the company following our recent dispute with LIME over charges. As a consequence, the company is forced to reduce operational cost, therefore with effect from 1st June, 2013 we will be reducing our operational hours.

With effect from 1st June, 2013 our business hours will be Monday to Friday 9.000am to 1.00pm.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during this very difficult time and assure you that we continue to work to restore services and confidence in our brand. We will continue to keep you informed.



Team Sunbeach.

Update May 22nd

  • Dial Up modems are now online. Customers who had valid accounts prior to mid March should be able to access the system. For details on how to access the new system CLICK HERE

Update May 16th:

  • We are seeing some issues with Thunderbird sending on port 587 and you may have to change back to port 25 for the moment. This is in the outgoing mail server settings Example

Update May 13th:

  •  The Mail service is stable and we will be staying with the atmail webmail program. We are working on an upgrade that will allow for a preview window so you can view messages without opening.
  • Mail accounts will not be subject to termination until we can identify customers who wish to retain their Sunbeach email addresses.
  • Dial-Up. We have started testing of our first bank of modems for the new dial up service and as soon as we complete these tests we will be bringing dialup back online. We will  notifying you of the new dial access number.
  • Billing. We have given all customers one month credit and will resuming billing shortly. We also wish to remind all customers, who have an alternate service provider but wish to retain their Sunbeach email address, we offer annual mail-only accounts at a price of $98.09 per year
  • Surepay and Online Payments: Our programmers are working to get Surepay payments back online ASAP followed by our online credit card payment system.
  • Webmail tips and help. Here are a few tips to help users. We are also working on a detailed help page for our website.
    1. Messages can be dragged and dropped into trash.
    2. Highlighting a message and pressing the DELETE key moves it to trash (For Apple laptops use fn + Delete. the fn key is the left most key on the bottom row of keys)
    3. To select several messages at a time highlight the first message move the mouse pointer down to the last message you want highlighted and press the SHIFT key and click the mouse button. This will highlight all messages in between now pressing the delete key (Apple fn+delete) will move all highlighted messages to trash.
    4. To highlight several messages that are not all one after the other. click to highlight the first message then holding down the CTRL key click and highlight the other messages. (Apple laptops do not appear to have an equivalent functions as clicking the mouse when holding down CTRL results in the equivalent of a right click.)



  • Hosted Email customers, we can retrieve your mailboxes from the old mailhosting server and provide the mboxview.exe program (windows only) for you to view them. If the total size of your mailboxes are not too large we would be able to email them to you. If you would like to retrieve this please send the information to our staff via our support help-desk system.

  • You may use the links on the right to access our webmail servers.

  • If you are still experiencing any issues with your email or other services, please click on the link below or go to www.sunbeach.net/support/ and open a ticket. Our staff will follow up and assist in resolving the issue.

  • Click here to open a ticket with our support staff